Our new HUNTER

The consistent further development of our previous successful model.

For better readability, the device has a significantly larger display with higher resolution. We have maintained the proven technology, e.g. the semiconductor sensor for the gas detection range.

In addition, the communication options via Bluetooth have been expanded to enable a connection to our online portal Esders Connect.

Mobile Gas Flare M

Safe flaring of large gas volumes with the Mobile Gas Flare M.

The Mobile Gas Flare M is a cost-efficient and compact flaring device that has been specially developed for use in pipeline work on gas pipelines in the low and medium pressure networks. The Mobile Gas Flare M is easy to transport, extremely quick to use and ensures complete and safe combustion of the gas.

Mobile Gasfackel für das Abfackeln von Gasen, diese Fackel ist H2 ready

Esders Connect now available for iOS

After intensive development and thorough testing, our Esders Connect app is now also available in the App Store for Apple users.

Help by video

Videos are more effective than text, because what you see remains longer in your memory than what you read.

To offer you even more assistance we have recorded videos, so-called tutorials. These are small “operating instructions” in a moving image format – for example in the form of a video or an animated graphic.

Our new App - Esders Connect

Our new, web-based and data protection-compliant platform for the documentation of your measurement data.

Transfer your measurement data directly from the construction site to the office using our new Esders Connect App. Manage all measurements clearly, easily and paperless.

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What you see remains longer in your memory
than what you read.

Click here for our tutorials.

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Esders Icon Gasflamme


The methane molecule in our logo highlights the fact that we feel at home in the field of gas measurement technology and gas leak detection. Whether you need the technology for pipe system inspections, internal installation, gas pressure control systems or the pipe system. We offer specialised devices for specific tasks, as well as combination devices with a wide variety of sensors to suit practically any requirement.

Esders Icon Wasser


Alongside the pressure measurement case, we offer the necessary test pump and connection accessories, all integrated in a pressure test trailer on request. We also support you with reliable measurement technology in the area of waste water. Use our OLLI gas warning device for clearance measurement prior to manhole inspection or carry out an automated leak test on sewage pipes according to DIN EN 1610 with our smart memo.

Esders Icon Druck


To carry out pressure tests, extensive accessories are required which not only have to meet the requirements for use in the drinking water sector, but whose quality very often determines the time required and the success of a pressure test. When it comes to pressure testing, you will not find a partner who can support you in a better way!

Ausbildung 2023 erfolgreich beendet

Training successfully completed

Frank Janzen, Fabian Büscher, Lennard Struckmann, Stefan Esders We congratulate Fabian Büscher and Lennard Struckmann on passing their final exams. They are now newly qualified electronics technicians for devices and

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Esders 2022 Year Review in numbers

2022 – that was our year!

We have achieved a lot this year. We launched new products and as a team we overcame some hurdles and invested everything we could in our customers and products. Here

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