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Esders PC1 Software

New version of our PC1-Software

The new version of the software PC1 is based on a completely new database. This makes it possible to use a MySQL database server, a wish from many customers. In server operation mode, several users can work with the same database simultaneously.

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GOLIATH Option v

GOLIATH with Option v

The solution for measuring velocity when purging or evacuating gas conduits.

Our solution thus meets all requirements in keeping with the DVGW rules.

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Easy cable fault location in underground low voltage cable network

With our Cable HUNTER you can locate cable faults in the low-voltage network independently and immediately after the fault is reported, without any help from external cable measurement companies.

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VSS 15

Vaccum suction system

The new mobile vacuum suction system for extrem sensitive gas detection.

Ready-to-use package consisting of a carrier system/rucksack with vacuum technology and a vacuum probe set for all surfaces.

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