Calibration gas Ecomini

Ecomini test gas reusable cylinders: quality meets sustainability

With Ecomini test gas, Esders is taking the next step towards greater sustainability in product range.
Our high-quality, refillable Ecomini test gas cylinders are the ideal solution for all industries that require precise and environmentally friendly calibration and testing of gas detectors and measuring devices. With our focus on sustainability, safety and cost efficiency, we not only offer you an environmentally friendly product, but also an economically attractive one.

Our Ecomini test gas reusable bottles are characterised by their durability and reliability. We understand that accuracy in the measurement and calibration of gases is crucial for quality assurance and compliance with safety standards. Discover how our Ecomini reusable cylinders for test gases can help reduce your environmental footprint. Our gas cans are ideal for a variety of applications, including calibration of gas analysers, quality control in production, safety checks in critical environments, research and development and environmental monitoring.

Contact us for customised solutions and let our team of experts help you. With Ecomini, you can rely on quality, safety and sustainability in the handling of test gases.

Ecomini Testgasflasche mit Label - so sieht die Flasche aus.
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We use proven gases and guarantee maximum precision and reliability in every measurement.

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Experience quick delivery with every order: we deliver Ecomini test gas cylinders directly to your door so that you can continue working without delay.

Ecomini Testgasflasche mit Label - so sieht die Flasche aus.
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Refillable gas cylinders reduce waste, our gas cylinders can be used for up to 10 years. This reduces the need for disposable bottles, which in turn means less waste and is therefore more environmentally friendly.

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Filling volumes

Maximise your productivity with our 32 and 60 litre Ecomini test gas cans - larger filling volumes mean more tests and longer operating times, so you can work more efficiently.


Test gases - expert advice

Your success is our goal! Do you need support in selecting your test gases or calibration gases? Or do you have special requirements for test gas concentrations and mixtures? Our team of experts is always at your side – whether by phone or E-Mail. We offer comprehensive advice and solutions, even when it comes to returning empty Ecomini test gas cylinders.
Contact us, we are here to help you!


Order Ecomini test gas

Quality that impresses – Are you looking for a eco-friendly variant of test gases in a small reusable bottle? Do you need test gases that impress with their reliable and outstanding quality? We offer you a wide range of test gases – from single gases to specially created gas mixtures.
Ideal for calibrating gas detectors, exhaust gas testers, emission analysers and many other applications.

Ecomini test gas: the environmentally friendly reusable solution

Ecomini testgas bottle circle - purchase & delivry, applictaion, return and bonus. Then it starts again.

Reusable up to 100 times

The conventional practice of disposing of aluminium bottles after use resulted in a high volume of waste. The Ecomini cans are designed so that they can be refilled up to 100 times. This helps to conserve resources! Please return the empty bottles to Esders GmbH after use. We will recondition and refill them. As a thank you for your contribution to protecting the environment, you will receive a free pack of 100 Esders Connect measurements in the LTE data package.

Ecomini - small cans from Esders

Our Ecomini pressurised cylinders are perfect for portable use and can contain up to 60 litres of gas at a weight of only approx. 1.2 kg. They are ideal for the calibration of measuring devices or on-site inspections and can also be used as a carrier gas in gas chromatography.

The advantages of Ecomini test gas reusable cylinders at a glance:

  • Environmentally friendly reusable solution with high refillability;
  • Quality product, made in Germany;
  • Ideal for mobile applications, with universal 5/8″-18 UNF connection;
  • Can be used worldwide due to air and sea freight approval;
  • When you return the bottles, you will receive a free pack of 100 Esders Connect measurements as a thank you.

Bottle sizes

The right cylinder for every test gas and calibration gas application

We offer test gases in different bottle sizes. We currently have 5 different cylinder sizes available for you. All of them are lightweight and very practical, perfect for on-site calibrations.

Ecomini test gas cylinders – reusable

  • 32 litre volume
  • 60 litre volume

Solo test gas cylinders – single-use

  • 12 litre volume
  • 32 litre volume
  • 58 litre volume

Our test gas cylinders | Sizes & Data

Ecomini - 32 litres

Volume: 31.5 l
Weight: 0.6 kg
Height: 250 mm
Diameter: 78 mm
PSI: 536 Psi
Bar: 37 BAR
Thread type: B / inside

Ecomini - 60 litres

Volume: 60 l
Weight: 0.6 kg
Height: 250 mm
Diameter: 78 mm
PSI: 1015 Psi
Bar: 70 BAR
Thread type: A / external

Solo - 12 litres

Volume: 12 l
Weight: 0.14 kg
Height: 250 mm
Diameter: 78 mm
PSI: 175 Psi
Bar: 12 BAR (+- 10 %)
Thread type: A / external

Solo - 32 litres

Volume: 32 l
Weight: 0.6 kg
Height: 285 mm
Diameter: 78 mm
PSI: 493 Psi
Bar: 34 BAR
Thread type: B / inside

Solo - 58 litres

Volume: 58 l
Weight: 1.19 kg
Height: 365 mm
Diameter: 90 mm
PSI: 493 Psi
Bar: 34 BAR
Thread type: A / external

Ecomini test gas 32 - product overview

Ecomini test gas 60 - product overview