Our service team

Our service team will solve your problems, whether at our factory, at your site or over the phone!

The quality of a device and customer care often shows after the purchase. Whether it concerns handling difficulties, device disturbances or device failures – with our customer service we stand for the fact that possible problems are solved fast.

For our German customers we work with our team in Haselünne at our headquarters and our mobile team that uses fully equipped service trucks to come to you. For our customers abroad we work with our distributors in lasting partnerships and they will provide service for you.

In our service workshop in Haselünne we carry out functional checks, servicing and repairs fast and effectively. Alternatively our mobile service comes up to your door. The fully equipped vehicle only needs a 230 volts power supply and a parking space.

On request, we can also offer you a pick-up service for your devices and equipment, maintenance contracts for your devices and we take care of compliance with recurring test and maintenance appointments for you.

Our service is the basis for a long-term partnership!

Advantages of making an appointment

You cannot do without your device for long?

Register your device with us for service. This way we can offer you a fast service and you can optimise your equipment availability. Your measuring device is due for service and must be shipped?  We can take care of that for you.

Current service turnaround times

How much time do I save by making a service appointment? You can get an accurate picture of how much time you save when you register your device for service with us here on our website. You can see the exact and daily updated turnaround times below. It is the number of working days that your device spends here in our company, from the time we receive the goods until they are shipped back to you.


days with an appointment


days without an appointment

Telephone appointment request for service in the factory

If, despite the online offer, you would like to make an appointment by phone or email, you can reach us as follows:

info You can reach us
Monday till Thursday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm

Mobile Service

As an alternative to service at the factory, our mobile service comes to your door. Our service vehicles with their fully equipped workstations will make any technician go into raptures. As with factory service, we also offer computer-aided adjustments of gas sensors, mass flow sensors and pressure transducers on a mobile basis. Traceable test certificates and comprehensive documentation of all activities are our standard. You only have to provide a 230 volt power supply and a parking spot for our vehicle.

Ask about our possibilities to perform a service at your site.


Tatjana Gill
Assistant for Wholesale and Foreign Trade

Esders Servicefahrzeuge

The technical support

For us, customer support means solving the problem together with you.

Your device does not perform a measurement as planned – handling difficulties, device malfunctions or device failures? Our team supports you with technical questions about your Esders devices, receives fault and error messages and forwards complex cases to the appropriate department.

All service technicians have more than five years of experience. They not only know the software and hardware of the devices down to the smallest detail, but also the stressful daily work of our customers. They therefore work in a solution-oriented and practical manner.

Technischer Support
Jürgen Möller, Jürgen Meyners, Sebastian Schwob, Marco Milzarek
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