Firmengebäude 1994




Founded as Esders Ingenieurbüro GmbH with headquarters in Bielefeld.


Move to Haselünne

Relocation of the company headquarters to Haselünne. Construction of an office and production building with approx. 250 m² floor space.


Launch of GasTest alpha

Sales launch of the GasTest alpha as the first device on the market with menu navigation – today the standard of device operation.


Expansion of the company headquarters in Haselünne

Extension of the office and production building by approx. 500 m² usable area.

The upper floor, designed as a reserve area, is also fully occupied – only 12 months later.


Esders B.V. Netherlands

Founding of Esders B.V. in the Netherlands.

Expansion of the company headquarters in Haselünne​

Move into another office, seminar and production building with approx. 500 m² floor space.


Esders China Ltd. and Esders Polska

The path to international business is strengthened by the founding of subsidiaries in China and Poland.


Expansion of the company headquarters in Haselünne​

Doubling of the production and service area by approx. 1,000 m² floor space with an investment of approx. € 1 million.


25th company anniversary

In May 2014, we celebrated our 25th anniversary and organized a “Technology Day.” All customers were invited to take a look at our company in Haselünne. In addition to various device demonstrations and briefings, we gave lectures on current topics and carried out extraordinary experiments.


Corporate Health Management

Introduction of occupational health management.

Employees are the most important asset for a company. Therefore, we do not just want to support our employees with regard to their families, but we simply want to do more especially concerning their health and well-being. In 2015, we hired a physiotherapist who offers in-house sports courses and back training. Marion Schwaeke also carries out individual health consultations and offers consultation hours four days a week.



Acquisition of our own mechanical production with CNC production machines.

With the help of these machines we can produce mechanical components, such as manufactured front panels and sensor chambers, as well as many probes and accessories ourselves and are no longer dependent on suppliers in the future. This allows us to respond more flexible to customer requests or simply react faster.



Development of a new device platform with extended possibilities for communication and data transmission.

As a result, the new GasTest delta3 has significantly improved possibilities for automated measurements on interior gas installations. In addition to that, it offers the possibility of house connection testing via external pressure sensors.


Extension of 800 m²

Extension of a 800 square meters for production and our warehouse with an integrated, robot-controlled, central automatic warehouse.

With the fourth extension, we now have a total production area of 3,000 square meters.


30th company anniversary

Internal company celebrations with employees and neighbours.

We had a great party with our colleagues, partners and our children!


Esders Pipeline Service GmbH

We are expanding our competences, team strength and services in the field of pressure, sewer and landfill pipelines. Esders Pipeline Service GmbH offers hose-lining, CIPP relinin gand Close-fit procedures for pressure pipelines, high-pressure cleaning and TV inspection for sewer and landfill pipelines.


Esders Kanal-Sanierungs-Technik GmbH

Esders Kanal-Sanierungs-Technik is at home in the business fields of sewer rehabilitation and separator rehabilitation. We offer an all-inclusive service for petrol stations, workshops and plant operators, also in the area of separator fault management.


Family-friendly certified business

On 14 July, Ms Mechtild Wessling from the Emsland Business Association presented us with the permanent seal of approval as a family-friendly company and we are proud of that. We have been recertified for more than 10 years now!


Esders Brasil Ltda.

Founding of Esders Brasil Ltda. in Rio de Janeiro


High-tech assembly machine

Installation of a new placement line and acquisition of a new placement machine in production.

Our brand new assembly line consists of four important elements:

  1. Loader
  2. ASM Siplace SX1
  3. ASM DEK NeoHorizon-Printer
  4. Unloader
We are really well positioned for the future and work with technology that companies such as Apple or Tesla also use.


Packing line

Acquisition and installation of a complete packing line


Expansion of our automatic warehouse

After we put our robot-controlled centrally automated warehouse into operation for the first time in 2018, we have already had to double it this year. The robots cover numerous kilometres every day.


Groundbreaking ceremony Esders Tech Campus

Sustainable growth – We are strengthening our headquarters and our home with the Esders Tech Campus. The entire company premises will be repositioned as a centre for high-tech, innovation and knowledge transfer.