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Esders Connect

Esders Connect

Esders Connect

With our new, web-based and data protection-compliant platform for device management and documentation of your measurement data, we accompany you on your way into the digital age.

NEW: Esders Connect and our customer portal are now one. We continue to develop ourselves and our products for you so that you get the maximum out of it.

The new Esders Connect makes it even easier for you to see all the information about your devices and measurements in one place. That place is your web browser. You don’t have to buy any software and you don’t need an IT department to provide the information.

How does it work?

Measurement data is transmitted either directly via the integrated LTE module in the device or via Bluetooth using the Esders Connect app for your smartphone or tablet. A PDF report can be sent directly to up to three e-mail addresses. The measurement data is also available in raw format for direct integration into your system.

Example application with smart memo with integrated LTE module
  • fast transmission of measurement data from the construction site to the office
  • clear administration of all measurements
  • simple and paperless documentation
  • accessible from anywhere at any time
  • secure encryption of your data

Your advantages

  • no installation of a local software necessary
  • the latest version is always available
  • updates are done automatically
  • the same database (protocols and documents) is available to all users, whether in the office or on the construction site; all participants can access the data simultaneously
  • map view (GPS function) for exact localization of the measurement
  • direct generation of test reports on the construction site
  • DSGVO-compliant

You will get

  • simple and paperless documentation
  • secure encryption of your data
  • accessible from anywhere at any time
  • DSGVO-compliant, secure data

This is the full flexibility of your measurement data management through automated evaluation of your measurement data in Esders Connect – simply online.

Q & A

  1. Web based portal which is accessible via every common browser
  2. App, that can be downloaded free of charge from the Google Playstore

The App is only required if a device does not have a built in LTE module

  1. smart memo (built in LTE Modul, no app necessary!)
  2. OLLI with app
  3. GasTest delta3 with app
  1. Esders device with or without LTE module (smart memo, GasTest delta3, OLLI)
  2. Esders Connect app if device without LTE module
  3. Registration in our customer portal; already registered customers are able to log in to both portals with the same access data
    Reference that credit is required to be able to use the app
    Reference to the lodged email addresses
    Reference to the pairing of measurement device and mobile device
    Reference to the portal for the further editing of the reports

In a measuring device with LTE module up to three email addresses can be lodged. These ones are tied to the respective device

In the Esders Connect app up to three email addresses can be lodged as well. These ones are free to be used for several devices.

In the Esders Connect portal up to four additional email addresses can be lodged. They can be assigned to a specific device or a number of devices even different types of devices, e. g. smart memo & GasTest delta3.

There are three different user roles with different rights for Esders Connect

  1. User management
    User has reading rights and can edit master data and email addresses.
  1. Login Esders Connect
    User is allowed to login and has reading rights for all measurements.
  1. Edit MDE data
    User is able to subsequently edit MDE data additional to the login.

Prerequisite for adjustments is the user role respectively the right “User management“

It is possible to create different data sets for a customer. The data sets consist of:

  • Company name
  • Street, postcode, place
  • Country
  • Company logo (as upload file , ideally jpg)
  • Report language
  1. Registration in our customer portal, the use of Esders Connect and downloading the app are free of charge.
  2. Costs arise for the transmission of measurements. When you purchase our smart memo with LTE function, 100 measurements are already included. Please contact our sales staff for more information on the measurement packages.


For further questions, please contact your responsible
sales representative or our partner in the country you are located.

DSGVO notice

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Due to the integration of services of third parties

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