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We now offer a wide range of different measuring devices, whether gas measuring devices, pressure measuring devices or combination devices. Many of these devices can be individually configured according to your wishes, so that in the end exactly the devices you want and need for your daily work are manufactured and delivered. This principle is already familiar from the automotive industry in particular. Almost every manufacturer makes it possible to configure the vehicles on the homepage. With the configuration options for our measuring devices and our new online shop, we, as one of the first in our industry, would like to offer you a great shopping experience. We considered your desire for individualisation and customisation of devices, which is becoming stronger even in the business sector.

Which functions can you configure on our devices, and what can you add or change at a later point of time?

This is what we want to explain in the following. To do this, we need to clarify some terms to make clear what we are talking about and so that no misunderstandings arise.

Menu items and options


Most of our measuring devices have a menu navigation. This means that after switching on and, if necessary, running in the device, a main menu appears in the display. In this menu you can choose what you want to do with the device. For example, depending on the device, various tests can be carried out, settings can be changed or completed measurements can be called up from the data memory. The individual entries in the main menu are called menu items. Depending on the device, there are different menu items, some of which are part of the standard scope of delivery (e.g. the “pressure test free external” in the smart memo) or can be optionally configured and ordered. The latter are usually additional test procedures in the device and are referred to by us as options. Options are not necessarily just additional menu items, but can also be additional hardware components of the devices. Sometimes an option also contains a combination of hardware and menu item or even several menu items. Options always have their own item number and price. The following is summarised under (“device”) options and can be found in the online shop under the corresponding heading:

  • Additional software (further menu items / user packages)
  • Additional hardware (further internal sensors, integrated LTE module, etc.)
  • Combinations of additional software & hardware (e.g. menu items that already include further sensors or vice versa)


Configure your HUNTER

Online shop and configurator

The options mentioned can be ordered in our online shop via the configurator together with the corresponding measuring device. They cannot be placed in the shopping basket individually, as they must be linked to a measuring device. Which options belong to which measuring devices is displayed in the online shop either when an option is called up under article affiliation or directly via the configurator of the desired measuring device. You can find all options easily and quickly using the search function in the shop or the corresponding category on the left navigation bar. In contrast, you can order external sensors (EDS2) individually, i.e. without belonging to a specific measuring device. These can be used with any compatible measuring device. For example, an external 10 bar pressure sensor of the type EDS2-P can be used with any smart memo or GasTest delta3 with the correspondent connection cable.

Some of the options mentioned, must be ordered directly with the purchase of the associated measuring devices and those that can be retrofitted later. If these are only menu items, they can always be ordered and installed later. For some hardware options (e.g. additional sensors in a gas measuring device), retrofitting at a later date is not possible for technical reasons. The smart memo pressure test case, for example, the optionally integrated LTE GPS module cannot be added later, but must be ordered directly at the time of purchase. Likewise, some gas measuring devices (e.g. OLLI and Laser HUNTER) have a minimum configuration with certain sensors that cannot be changed or added later. We suggest to talk to your sales representative or our service department about this.

Device options online shop

Device upgrades and firmware updates

When an option is retrofitted to an existing device, this is an “upgrade” of a measuring device. The measuring device is extended by another menu item or an additional sensor and thus upgraded. Therefore, an upgrade is always subject to additional costs. An “update” is something else. This usually means updating the software. With the software of our devices, we speak of a “firmware”. The firmware is regularly tested by us and updates are mainly released free of charge. Reasons for this can be new or improved functionalities, new texts & languages, or changes made to test procedures by rules and regulations. The updates can be installed easily and conveniently on the newer “NGP” devices (new generation platform for some devices since 2017) using the Esders Connect app via smartphone or tablet.

Older devices (e.g. GOLIATH, VibraGAS, SIGI EX) must be sent to our factory for an update. In most cases, an upgrade also requires an update of the firmware so that, for example, a new menu item appears on the device.

If you want to use an additional menu item for your existing GasTest delta3 or your smart memo, simply order the corresponding option from your responsible sales representative and then update the measuring device.

How do I update or upgrade my device with the Esders Connect App?

Mobile data entries (MDE) / Additional data of a measurement

However, the individualisation of our measuring devices does not stop with the options. We go even further and offer you options to record additional data during certain measurements and store it in your device. It is often necessary to save certain information together with a measurement for complete documentation.

In the case of a pressure test on a new gas or water pipeline, for example, this could be location-related data such as street name, postcode, and town. During a serviceability test on a gas installation, the externally visible condition and functionality of the components must be tested and assessed in addition to the leakage quantity. It would be practical to be able to store this information together with the measurement data. Often, an order number and the name of the inspector are also documented.

All this data can be stored in the NGP devices by means of the so-called “mobile data entries” (MDE – sometimes also “additional data of a measurement”) together with the measured values of the test in the device.

Even a signature on the successful completion of a test can be stored electronically, thus creating a legally compliant documentation. For this purpose, “MDE fields” are created in the device (e.g. order number, name of the inspector, signature, etc.), which the inspector simply fills in with the respective data at the end of the inspection. This can be done directly on the measuring device in the case of devices with a touch display (e.g. GasTest delta3, smart memo) or even more conveniently via the Esders Connect app on the smartphone or tablet, provided there is a connection to the measuring device.

Custom MDE & device settings

We deliver each NGP device from the factory with a defined number of MDE fields per menu item. If the entries do not suit you, and you would like to define other fields, that is no problem. You can design these fields yourself by searching for your desired device in Esders Connect under “My devices”, selecting it, and then entering the desired fields via the “Edit MDE data” button.

You will find more answers in the FAQ’s on our Esders Connect page:

How do I change the configuration of the additional data (MDE) for a device or for a device group?

What setting options and restrictions are there for the configuration of the additional data (MDE)?

If you are not registered in Esders Connect, you can also let us know which MDE fields you would like before ordering new measuring devices. For a small extra charge, we will store the desired fields with you and ensure that the devices are already delivered with the agreed fields. If you wish, we can also configure certain settings in the devices according to your wishes and deliver the devices already preset at the factory. In the case of gas detectors such as our OLLI, certain alarm levels must be complied with due to internal work instructions, which can vary depending on the customer. You can see here what possibilities this service offers you: Individual Device Customisation.

Custom reports

For each test sequence (= menu item) we offer a free standard report that can be downloaded for each measurement available in the Esders Connect portal. We regularly revise these standard reports and, if necessary, adapt them to new requirements or circumstances. 

We also go one step further at this point and offer you to create individual reports according to your specifications. In this way, we extend the possibilities for individualisation to the documentation and offer you a holistic, individual solution for your daily tasks. 

Depending on the data stored in the measurement files, additional measurement curves can be displayed on the customised reports, or the layout can be changed fundamentally. This has to be discussed individually. You can find more information here.

Test protocol OLLI