Our Company's Health Management System

At the end of 2013, we decided to introduce Health Management in our company to promote the health of our employees and to make them aware of the importance of their health. We could not handle these tasks on our own, but sought the support of an experienced partner, whom we found with the AOK.

In January 2014, we already formed a steering committee consisting of the management, a staff member, a trainee representative, a safety officer, an in-house physiotherapist, and three other employee representatives from different areas. Our main goal is to strengthen employee health, maintain working capacity in the long term, promote employee satisfaction and a positive and productive working atmosphere. Because many aspects affect our health both in the corporate and private environment.

This includes many things that we would never have thought of, such as whether an employee feels underchallenged or overchallenged. Ultimately, it means that we depend on typical topics such as healthy nutrition and sports, ergonomics in our workplaces or proper lifting of loads. We are also dependent on suggestions, wishes and experiences of colleagues. For this reason, employee surveys were carried out in cooperation with professionals of the AOK and tasks and projects were developed from these. Below we have listed what we have implemented so far.


Good nutrition & ergonomics

  • Once a week we enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Free coffee, tea and water in both operating buildings
  • Magazines
  • Green plants in the office spaces
  • Sunshading in some offices
  • Large monitors
  • Ergonomic workplaces in all areas: office chairs and height-adjustable tables in conjunction with training sessions for dynamic and healthy sitting


  • New soldering gas extraction in production
  • Headsets to minimize the noise level for the environment
  • Driving safety training for field staff and mobile service employees
  • Fixed representative regulation for mobile service
  • Internal and external training of employees
  • Business education to train colleagues on our products and their applications
  • Exemption for firefighting operations for affected, voluntary members of the fire brigades
Erste-Hilfe-Kurs bei Esders

Strength & vital energy

  • Company doctor and check-ups
  • Back-Check by the AOK Niedersachsen (59% participation)
  • Sugar Day in cooperation with the Techniker Krankenkasse – exhibition and education about sugar in the diet and education about the own Body Mass Index
  • Work-related coaching by the AOK Lower Saxony (86% participation) – Anonymous and confidential talks with employees, to identify problems and to make suggestions for improving the working environment
  • Contract with qualitrain, a group of fitness, sports and swimming pools all over Germany, whose use is made possible by a monthly bonus (assumption of 50% of the costs by Esders GmbH)

Physical therapy & sports

  • Physiotherapist in the house, for individual advice and support in health matters
  • In-house sports by a trained physiotherapist 2 days a week
  • Mediators for mediation in case of discrepancies and problems
  • Intranet and bulletin board to improve communication and information
Betriebssport mit Marion

Gym time & E-bikes

  • Contract with EGYM WELLPASS, a group of fitness, sports and swimming centres throughout Germany, the use of which is made possible by a monthly premium ( 50% of the costs are covered by Esders GmbH)
  • Possible uses of fitness watches for monitoring one’s own training and sleep patterns or simply as a reminder of necessary exercise
  • Leasing for bicycles and e-bikes, also for excursions with colleagues 😉

Work on the health management system is continuing and has received a very positive response from colleagues.