The smart memo is a versatile device for carrying out pressure tests. We offer simple, menu-guided test sequences for different test procedures in the gas, water and waste water sectors in accordance with applicable regulations. All test sequences in the device are programmed according to the current version of the relevant regulations and support the user in carrying out the pressure test correctly.

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Thanks to networked and digital technology, a fully automatic test sequence can be carried out for some tests, especially in the area of water pressure tests, e.g. for tests in accordance with W 400-2, W 101 and EN 805. With the help of the fully automatic system, both errors in the execution of the test can be avoided (e.g. in the pressure drop test) and personnel costs on the construction site can be saved, as no further action is required from the user after the preparation or start of the test.

Paperless, digital documentation

Previously, only PDF reports on completed tests could be sent and then displayed in the Esders Connect portal. The smart memo can also be set to automatically send the PDF report to the email addresses stored in the device (menu item parameter “Send after measurement ON”) as soon as the pressure test has been completed. This gives the inspector a time advantage, particularly in the case of fully automated tests, also because they do not necessarily have to be on site. The email can be received anywhere. The user is informed immediately after completion of a test whether the test has been passed or failed.

However, in many test procedures, it would be useful to obtain relevant information about the current pressure value or the result of the pressure drop test before the end of the test, even if no personnel are currently on site. For this purpose, we have developed the “Live measurement” function in the smart memo. It enables the measurement data to be sent directly from the smart memo to the Esders Connect portal at regular intervals. This means that the progress of an ongoing measurement can be viewed at any time and from anywhere. An integrated LTE module is required.

Measurement data in Esders Connect

A comprehensive PDF report with the most important test data is provided for each test. In addition to data on the measurement technology used, graphical and tabular processing of the measurement data in the various phases of the test and an evaluation of the test, additional entries can also be added by the user, such as order number, address and signatures.

At the end of an inspection, the complete PDF report can easily be sent to different email addresses. This works either directly from the smart memo (via an integrated LTE module) or in conjunction with a mobile device via the Esders Connect app.

Completed tests and associated PDF reports are available at any time and from anywhere via the browser-based Esders Connect portal.


Live measurement in Esders Connect

If, for example, a standard procedure in accordance with W 400-2 is carried out on a PE pipe using our fully automatic measurement technology, the user first prepares and starts the test. No further action is then required from the him until the end of the test (total duration between 15 and 24 hours, depending on the nominal diameter). The smart memo performs every step of the test fully automatically, including depressurisation after the end of the test. When live measurement is activated, the progress of the measurement can be viewed remotely at any time, for example from the office or from home, via the Esders Connect portal. In the case of night-time pressure tests, the employee responsible for the test can check the correct progress of the test, the result of the pressure drop test or the current pressure in the main test from home after work, for example.

Depending on the information from the live measurement, the next working day can be better planned, e.g. whether the pipe can be integrated or whether the pressure test needs to be repeated.

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Darstellung einer Live-Messung in Esders Connect