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Faster response time of the pump device

When pumping devices are used for tracer gases, detection and response times are faster. Pump devices actively draw in the gas and direct it to the sensor.  This means that even the smallest quantities of tracer gas can be detected, which may not be found with a diffusion device. Pump devices have a high sensitivity at low gas concentrations.

Versatility of pumping devices for different applications

Pump devices can be used for different areas thanks to different probes, such as carpet probes, bell probes, indoor probes and many others, and can therefore be used very flexibly.

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Improved possibilities for leak detection

A pumping device and active suction of the forming gas increases the probability of finding leaks in concealed pipelines. A pumping device can also be used for buried pipes in the ground or for pipes at a greater distance. These do not always have to be industrial plants, but can also simply be pipes behind a housing or similar.

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Optimal use of diffusion devices

Diffusion devices are ideal for locating above-ground, exposed pipes.  The diffusion meter with gooseneck (flexible plug-in probe) collects escaping gas in the sensor head. The reading therefore depends very much on the position of the sensor head and the length of the measurement. In addition, the use of a diffusion device makes sense if there is a risk that dirt particles could be sucked in alongside the actual gas, which could potentially damage the sensor.

Advantages in the inspection of industrial plants with pump devices

In practice, a pump device is advantageous for checking industrial systems. It can be used with a long industrial probe without any problems. It must be taken into account that the gas has a certain dwell time and therefore it takes a certain amount of time for the gas to reach the sensor, so in everyday work a corresponding dwell time must be taken into account for the localisation of the exact leak point on the section to be inspected. The longer the probe, the longer the distance the gas has to travel. Accordingly, the dwell time should be made dependent on the length of the probe and the pump capacity of the device. For very long probes of several metres in length, a device with a higher pump capacity should be selected in order to reduce the dwell time somewhat.

Whether you choose a pump device or a diffusion device therefore depends largely on the respective area of application. In tracer gas leak detection, there are also applications in which a pump device or a diffusion device is useful.