Annual fee to activate the following additional functions: 1. sending measurements via the Esders Connect app (Android, iOS, Windows) in the form of a flat rate. 2. activation of a live measurement in the smart memo. The live measurement includes a data transmission of measured values during an ongoing test in order to be able to observe the measurement progress remotely. The data transfer takes place at regular intervals, depending on the test in progress. The annual fee must be paid in advance (prepaid) and is due at the time of booking. It applies per measuring device, can be renewed at any time and can also be paid for several years in advance in order to plan the period of use in the long term. Once the term has expired, measurements can still be sent. However, these are billed individually and charge the metering quota. The credit for this can be topped up using the measurement package (item 222550). A smart memo with LTE module is required for this function. Live measurement is currently only available for the following menu items: W400 Standard method W400 Contraction method G469 B3 Distribution line Pressure test free external