Fully automatic test pump for carrying out water pressure tests, e.g. according to DVGW W 400-2, ÖVGW W 101, EN 805 - max. outlet pressure 35 bar - delivery volume 70 l/min. - Voltage 400 volt - 50 Hz - Power consumption 5.5 kW - Test pressure adjustable in 0.1 bar steps - Frequency converter and speed control for adapted pressure build-up and pressure maintenance without pressure surges - freely adjustable, constant speed via "manual operation - check valve for locking the pressure line - Storz connection and quick couplings for water inlet and water outlet - optionally with flow measurement (necessary for air volume determination in smart memo) - optional with disinfection procedure for MPP - optional with wheel set Suitable for pressure build-up in large pipeline volumes. For small pipeline volumes with V < 1m^3, the MPP 70-35 is only suitable to a limited extent, as the test pressure may be "overrun".