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E.ON Ruhrgas AG Essen had a study carried out, entitled: „Studies on improving the localisation of leakages in cohesive grounds under closed surfaces“

Two points are highlighted in the summary of the report:

  • The Esders Vakumobil has a markedly improved suction power compared to conventional technology.
  • The low pressure in the surface generated by one suction probe has an impact over several metres. This creates only a movement or distortion of the gas accumulation but not there elimination.
We would like to use these new findings in order to make our well-rated suction system more effective for you. We have developed new probes for this, which can be fed deeper into the ground and absorb gas with a better tightness to the surrounding and greater vacuum. With a suitable distribution hose and adapter, three or more suction probes can be connected to the Vakumobil in order to get the required simultaneous and steady evacuation. Thus, a symmetrical connection is important in order to get the same low pressures in all locations.


Technical data

Maximum lower pressure 900 mbar
Maximum volume flow 266 l/min 266 l/min
Electrical data 220-240 Volt
50 Hz, 5.5 A
Feeder 230 Volt 10 metres
Suction hose DN 25 10 metres
Coarse filter in transparent casing optional
Low pressure gauge - 1 to 0 bar
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