The smart memo is an electronic pressure measurement device for carrying out pressure tests with the possibility of connecting several external sensors (EDS2). Various menu items are available for the smart memo, which contain ready-made, menu-guided procedures for carrying out tests, e.g. in the gas and water sector. In addition, further menu items are available that have been programmed for different applications. The EDS2 Data Logger is a menu item for long-term recording of several EDS2 sensors for various applications.

What can I do with the EDS2 Data Logger?

With the EDS2 Data Logger, several measuring channels can be recorded and documented simultaneously over a longer period of time. As soon as an EDS2 sensor is connected, it is automatically listed as a separate measuring channel. Every EDS2 sensor from Esders GmbH can be used with the EDS2 Data Logger. Thus, it is possible to check, control and document different measured variables of an application. Some example applications are listed below:

Testing of gas meters and gas installations

With the help of the EDS2 Data Logger and several EDS2 sensors, the control behaviour of a gas meter or gas pressure regulator in the gas installation can be tested, for example. Two EDS2-P pressure sensors can be used for this purpose, one connected upstream and one downstream of the regulator. The measured values of both measuring channels are recorded at the same time for a set duration and can be compared or checked after the measurement has been completed. In addition, one or more temperature sensors can be connected to the pipeline to gain further knowledge.

smart memo Datenlogger

Testing of pressure loss of components

The EDS2 Data Logger can be used, for example, to check the pressure loss of parts/components in pipeline systems and record it over a longer period of time. In pipeline systems, the pressure loss can be tested via an orifice plate with the help of two pressure sensors in order to estimate velocities. Pressure losses upstream or downstream of a consumer can also be checked.

Process flow review

The EDS2 Data Logger can also be used to check different process parameters, e.g. to test pressure and temperature in a pressure vessel or in a boiler. The temperature, for example, can be checked at several measuring points in order to eliminate possible sources of error in the process or to optimise it. 

Pressure and/or temperature recording for pressure tests according to DVGW G 469 C3 and B2

In principle, the EDS2 Data Logger can also be used for recording measurement data at different measuring points as part of a long-term test on high-pressure gas pipelines in accordance with DVGW regulation G 469 C3 or B2.

What do the menu item and protocol look like? Where are the measurement data available?

The EDS2 Data Logger is a separate (optionally bookable) menu item on the smart memo. When starting the menu item, all sensors to be recorded should already be connected. The recording of the air pressure can be activated optionally. After setting the storage interval and the measurement duration, the recording can be started. If required, the zero points of the sensors can be set.

The setting of the measuring duration is limited upwards. The maximum measurement duration depends on the number of connected sensors and the selected storage interval (larger number of sensors causes a smaller maximum storage duration).

After the end of the recording, the measurement data is made available in a PDF protocol in the form of graphical measurement data diagrams. In addition, the measurement data is available for download in Excel format in Esders Connect.

smart memo Datenlogger Bericht

What do I need for this task?

To carry out these tasks, a smart memo with the EDS2 Data Logger Option enabled is required. Depending on the requirements, at least one or more EDS2 sensors are necessary whose measured values are to be recorded. Any EDS2 sensor from Esders GmbH can be used with the EDS2 Data Logger. Different pressure sensors (EDS2-P), temperature sensors (EDS2-T) and flow sensors (EDS2-F) are available. EDS2 level sensors will also be available soon, which can also be used with the EDS2 Data Logger.

A B11 connection cable is required for each connected sensor. If more than one EDS2 sensor is connected, a T- connection piece B11 is required for each additional sensor (available in 5 m and 1 m lengths).

Suitable connection accessories, such as adapters, hoses etc. can be found in our online shop.

Example equipment set:

ATTENTION: you need 2x the external pressure sensor for this application

ATTENTION: you need 2x the temperature sensor for this application

ATTENTION: you need 4x the connection cable B11 5 m length for this application

ATTENTION: you need 4x the T-connection piece for this application

Example equipment set: