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Lecksucher LS 01



Pressurised water creates noises when escaping which propagate across the water column, pipe and soil. These noises can be recorded, amplified and made audible to the human ear with the LS 01.

The LS-01 has been developed by experienced specialists as a listening device to prelocate and pinpoint leakages in water networks and indoor water installations. The device is characterized by its low weight and easy operation. The microphone technology allows to record noises over a very large spectrum. The LS-01 is suitable for all pipe materials as the frequency response of the microphone is between 35 Hz and 2000 Hz. The LS-01 is suitable for all applications of leak detection and noise detection as a monitoring device for fast use with a short tip or brought to test rod length by two extensions. A resonance plate and a magnet in the accessories program make it possible to detect underground noises or leakage noises in the installation area or on solid surfaces. The LS 01 is operated via a volume control and a button for activating the amplifier. The signals are transmitted to the user's ear via headphones.


  • Listening system for water networks and indoor water installation
  • High sensitivity for sound in the range of 35 Hz to > 2000 Hz
  • Very durable by use of high-grade steel and aluminium
  • Light weight, easy to operate system
  • High sensitive microphone technology
  • Also suitable for non-metallic systems
  • Accessories for leak detection in house installations, like plate and magnet

Technical data

Frequency range 200 Hz – 2000 Hz
Mikrophone Piezo electric
Protection type IP54
Construction aluminium, stainless steel
Battery 9V - Block
Battery capacity approx. 30 hours
Temperature range -15 °C to +50 °C
Weight approx. 570 g
Dimensions L = 360 mm, d = 30 mm
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