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Data Transmission via Bluetooth



Option Data Transmission via Bluetooth

We offer an interface (API) so that you can import the data from your measuring devices into your own systems.

To do this, you need a Bluetooth-capable end device and the option Data transmission via Bluetooth in the measuring device to read the "Esders JSON Protocol". JSON stands for "Java Script Object Notation" and is a data format and communication protocol in an easily readable text form. JSON helps you to read and save your data from the measuring devices on your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Which data can you transfer?

You can read the measurements from your data memory in the measuring device and display them on your end device and then store them. The data includes the start time, the applied measurement procedure used with all parameters and the result of the measurement.
In addition, the data of the mobile data acquisition (MDE) are included in the device. This allows you to query and enter any data for a measurement. Free fields of the types text, dropdown, checkbox and signature can be added. The entered data is part of the JSON data.

From our IT for your IT

The further technical details and information are from our IT department for your IT department to start with the implementation. The data transfer takes place via SPP (Serial Port Profile) in plain text. With simple commands lists and details of measurements can be retrieved. Further important details and protocol specifications can be found in the PDF.

In the following videos we will guide you, or your IT department, step by step through the data transfer of your measurements and explain in detail how to proceed.
The Option Data Transmission via Bluetooth is currently available for the GasTest delta3 and the smart memo.

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