Virtual company tour in COVID-19 times, we did the test with the Wirtschaftsjunioren Emsland


Due to the Corona Pandemic personal meetings are not possible at the moment, which is why digital happenings are gaining more importance. This not only affects us, but also the Wirtschaftsjunioren Emsland – Grafschaft Benhtheim of the IHK.

A large part of the association’s activities are company tours. The most recent company tour took place in May at our Esders premises. Bernhard and Martin Esders led the 25 online club members on a virtual tour through our office and production buildings and obviously had fun doing so. The main focus was on the internal organisation of the production of the explosion-proof multi-range gas measuring device OLLI and the integration of the robot-supported automatic warehouse.

Further information on the Wirschaftsjunioren Emsland can be accessed here (only available in German).