Girls' Day and Boys' Day

On 25 April 2024, Future Day was held under the motto “Here you come!” for pupils in years 5 to 9 at all general education schools. This day offers insights into various professions and promotes gender-sensitive career guidance.

This year, we once again welcomed 7 pupils from grades 5-9. Together with the trainees Jannis and Kevin from the electronics department, they started at 8.00 a.m. with an informative PowerPoint presentation about the company and the training occupations. This was followed by a tour of the company.

The young people were able to enjoy breakfast together before getting down to practical work. Under the guidance of the trainees, the boys and girls engraved their own ballpoint pens with a laser and assembled their first electric motors.

Pizza was served for lunch. Some of the pupils took the opportunity to visit their family members at the company and gain an insight into their everyday working lives.

The Future Day ended at around 2.00 pm. We hope that all participants had an exciting and informative day with us and had a lot of fun.

Girls Day
Boys Day
Girls Day