Robot dog with Laser Hunter

On Tuesday, we witnessed a perfect match for the future of gas leak detection. Working closely together, Alliander Research Centre for Digital Technologies and Smart Mechatronics And RoboTics (SMART) Research Group committed to the TechForFuture project CHARISMA (CH4 Autonomous Robotized Inspection for Sustainable MaIntenance), with Esders’ Laser HUNTER achieving success in an autonomous robotic inspection.

The LASS-e robot, equipped with the advanced Laser HUNTER, proved its skills during the test. It successfully detected gas leaks, thanks to innovative laser technology that eliminates cross influences and measures methane (CH4) with extreme precision. The implemented features, such as tracking splits in the gas pipeline and Esders’ gas sensor that integrates seamlessly with Linux, proved their worth.

Robotic dog with Laser hunter assembly

The Laser HUNTER, with its modular system, offers flexibility in pre-location efforts. This breakthrough means not only the end of labour-intensive gas inspections, but also an efficient and accurate future with the Laser HUNTER, pioneering gas detection technology.

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