All three of us are former scouts, whereby one says “once a scout, always a scout”.
For years, we went to summer camp as children and had a great group of children every week, we were group leaders and camp leaders. We would not want to miss this time with the scouts of Haseluenne.

Today as entrepreneurs we are happy that the scouts in Haseluenne are still active and maybe even our children can become scouts in the future. So that our children can hopefully enjoy exactly that in the years to come, we are already involved and supporting the scouts today.

We are very happy that we are now cooperating with our old scout tribe in Haseluenne.

This year we donated a new yurt to the scouts. With a diameter of 8 meters, the tent with 51 m² offers a lot of space to serve as a safe gathering place at the fire or in case of rain.

Just in time for this years summer camp we packed the trunks and drove to the vanguard to hand over the tent. Of course, we also helped set it up.

In addition, we packed our PA system for a proper sound system – whether stop dance, musical chairs, playback show, chill beats or just music to wake up in the morning, such a system can support the mood in the tent camp tremendously.

With this we say THANK YOU for your commitment and would like to ask you to just keep going! Unforgettable moments, adventures and fellowship for many more generations of children, that’s what we wish for the future of this cooperation.

More about the scouts in Haseluenne, you can find here: