Pflanzaktion Steuerkreis Esders 2022

On 2 May, our company health management steering committee met spontaneously for a planting campaign. Armed with spades, planting soil and a lot of good humour, we planted two apple and two pear trees in the front area of the gravel car park in sunny weather. At the back of the company’s property, we erected a small greenhouse, which was stocked with tomato bushes and cucumber plants. It was important to us to create a new habitat for insects with the planting action, but we also thought about our physical well-being.

We attach great importance to community and health. With this action we have combined both and are already looking forward to ripe tomatoes as well as delicious cucumbers from our own cultivation.

After the work, during which we had a lot of fun, we had sausages from the grill and cool drinks for refreshment!