Dear colleagues and interested parties in the field of measurement technology in gas and water supply! Why do we write a blog?

We are asked the same questions in conversations time and again. Quite often we are asked for our opinion on current topics, such as new and amended regulations.

We think it is time to share these discussions and food for thought with you via our blog and make them accessible to the broad, interested public.

We want to pick up current topics and questions. However, we will also provide basic explanations that do not tell anything new to the old hands among you. There are always newcomers who are entrusted with other tasks and are therefore grateful for interpretations and explanations on the state of the art. Often we do know that this is how it is done, but we have forgotten why this procedure has prevailed.

We would like to point out that assessments and recommendations correspond to our experience and do not always reflect the body of rules word for word. Generally speaking, we recommend to follow the meaning of the body of rules and regulations and not just their wording. And the purpose of the body of rules and regulations will always be to increase safety and to show a practicable way to achieve safety.

Working life and our everyday working life have changed considerably. Whereas 20 to 30 years ago numerous tasks were carried out by specialists, today the “all-rounders” are increasingly gaining acceptance due to personnel savings and the shortage of skilled workers. The absolute specialisation is difficult to find anymore.

As a result, many people are reluctant to carry out an assessment on their own responsibility and instead adhere to the rules and regulations to the letter. Unfortunately, this does not always help us in practice. We will try to explain the background so that our own assessment and evaluation of the situation becomes easier.

We hope that this blog meets with great interest and encouragement and look forward to your suggestions, criticism and suggestions for topics.