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Tracergas-Injection-Box (TIB 40)

Tracergas-Injection-Box TIB40

Exact locating of leaks with tracer gas during running operations

All locating procedures are ultimately based on acoustics. These procedures are increasingly finding their limits. Worsening factors include, for example, the increasing „environmental contamination“ by disruptive noise, even at night. Acoustic measuring points (fittings) are economised on. This extends the length the sound needs to bridge. Plastic lines are especially difficult, as they inherently conduct sound poorly.


TracerJect: TracerJect: What is new in comparison to the classic tracer gas procedure?

To date the line to be tested had to be taken out of operation and evacuated. This involved a lot of effort and expense, often accompanied by the frustration of those connected due to the supply interruption. There is also a risk that germs can infiltrate and find their way into the depressurised line.

Advantages of the TracerJect procedure:

• Line stays in operation!

• No interruption of supply!

• The line remains under operating pressure!

Components for the TracerJect procedure

The central component is the TIB 40, Tracer Gas Injection Box. This is used to dispense the tracer gas. It displays the current flow rate and can be set to the desired value with the flow rate regulator. The well-thought out connection sets ensure a smooth feed from the gas vessel to the pipeline or to the stand pipe.