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DruckLogger DL 4


Precise, programmable pressure logger for practical measurements in water pipe networks

  • Proven menu navigation with new operating concept using a magnet and Hall sensors (no membrane keys – no leaks)
  • Start measurements on site and read the results intermediately
  • Large graphic display showing the current measured value and statistical values
  • Screws directly into the claw coupling of standard hydrants
  • Pressure measuring range up to + 25 bar, accurate to 5 mbar
  • Accuracy: 0.1% of the final value at 20°C
  • Extremely robust and waterproof measuring device
  • PC software for programming and documentation


The pressure logger is suitable for pressure load measurement, extreme peak pressure measurement, sporadic pressure checks and pressure tests as well as for domestic and industrial measurements.

Practice-oriented instrument technology

Modern pressure measurement equipment begins with practice-oriented instrument technology and correspondingly user-friendly evaluation and documentation software. What the users want is: to be able to install the measuring device on underground hydrants without connection cables or pressure hoses “flying” loose. For this reason, the DL 4 is fitted directly into the hydrant’s claw coupling using the valve key. Turn clockwise to screw in, and anti-clockwise to remove. Done.

The information on the graphic display includes the current pressure, which is displayed so large that it can also be read easily in the installed position. In addition, the minimum and maximum measured values and the mean pressure can be called up. This allows changes in pressure to be recognised directly, without reading out the values.

There are sensors in the aluminium housing, which are concealed behind the “virtual” buttons. These can be operated with a magnet – i.e. without finger pressure. The magnet is located in the end cap of the plug or, optionally, in an external magnetic pen (for protection against operation by third parties). Thus, all of the operational control elements are absolutely sealed. Penetrating water and dirt don’t stand a chance. When it comes to the plug-in connection for communication and charging, we rely on the best quality available on the market.