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Esders Update Tool



Tool for updating the firmware of certain measuring devices

The use of our Update Tool ensures that you always have all new features and associated optimisations directly on your device. The big advantage for you is that the updates can be carried out automatically from your desk. You can install further options and menu items completely independently, e.g. additional measurement procedures for the GasTest delta3 or the OLLI. You don't have to send in your device for this and therefore you do not have to do without your device for a day. Our service team can configure settings in your device or the mobile data acquisition (MDE) directly via the Update Tool. The advantage for you is that you do not have to be familiar with the material in detail, because we can set up the device for you in an uncomplicated and time-saving way. The Update Tool currently supports the GasTest delta3 and the OLLI.


  • Automatic recognition of the device
  • Automatic assignment of the corresponding firmware version
  • Updates can be carried out automatically
  • Directly all new features and optimisations on your device
  • Options and menu items can be loaded independently

This is how it works:
Here you can download a link from us. Connect the Esders LINK Reader Adapter to your computer and press the "Start" button. The Bluetooth connection will be built up automatically.
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