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Data Transmission via LTE



Option Data Transmission via LTE
With the LTE data transmission option, you have two different methods of sending all relevant measurement data directly to your workplace, without using a smartphone or tablet. The working time that you schedule for documenting your measurements is eliminated and direct data transfer provides you with error-free documentation. There is no time needed for the post-processing or preparation of the documentation and for the standard-compliant commissioning of a pipeline.
You can send test reports directly from the construction site by e-mail and import measured data directly into your system via an interface.

Receive test report as PDF by e-mail
The complete installation and setup is limited to entering an e-mail address conveniently using the touch display in the device. The finished reports are then sent directly to this e-mail address as a PDF document. We can customise the sent reports according to your wishes and also insert your company logo.

Import measurement data into your system
In the course of digitalisation, it is necessary to document the work carried out without any discontinuities. We will be happy to support you in this and provide you with the measurement data in a machine-readable format in addition to the PDF report.
This is currently possible by e-mail or by REST. The abbreviation REST stands for Representational State Transfer and describes a simple architectural principle of an interface on the Internet for exchanging data (based on HTTP protocol).
An example of programming for a server that receives the data and stores it on the hard disk is available here on our website. You have to imagine it like a mailbox, which you only provide to us. You send us the address of this mailbox and we send you the data. You then retrieve the data from the mailbox and evaluate it according to your needs.
Or you can present us with a solution which we will then discuss with you individually and implement according to the time and effort involved. We prefer the REST interface because we already have it and it is easy to implement for your IT. The data of the mobile data acquisition (MDE) is also transferred, as with our Bluetooth solution. This means that the data can be sent digitally directly from the construction site to your company. The Option Data Transmission via LTE is currently available for the smart memo.

Here is the direct link to Esders REST.
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