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MPP - powered test pump

MPP - powered test pump

Pressure tests are a must for inspecting pipelines. The test pressure impact has a part in the realisation of the pressure test. The pressure generation has to take place within 10 minutes in the contraction procedure according to EN 805 and DVGW W 400-2. Pumps with high delivery rate are necessary for relatively small dimensions and pipe lengths.

Two high-capacity pumps are available with the powerd test pumps MPP 28-30, which can not only apply test pressure. The test pumps electronic control unit enables automatic operation and uncomplicated input of test pressure in measures of 0.1bar.

The pressure configuration takes place without pressure impact and the entire mechanics is specially designed for the requirements of pipeline construction. The test pressure is automatically created and monitored. A constant supervision is unnecessary during the pressure maintenance phase. The configuration of the pumps guarantees a water supply practical for building sites with filtering and all connections to the water extraction in pressure drop and pressure relief.   

• Practice-orientated test pumps with electronic control unit for the simplified performance of compression tests pursuant to EN 805 (W 400-2 in Germany) 
• Automatic pressure stabilisation for preset test pressure, which can be programmed in steps of 0.1 bar into the control unit. 
• High delivery capacity rate of 28 l/min and 68 l/min enable the generation of the required test pressure in less than 10 minutes, as required by the contraction procedure 
• Documentation of the pressure tests through DruckTest memo by printing it directly and saving data to the memory.

Powered test pump MPP 11

The compact MPP 11 with tubular frame.
The compact MPP 11 with tubular frame.

With a delivery capacity of 11 litres per minute, the MPP 11 is ideal for pressure testing short sections of pipeline and pipelines with a small volume. While similarly dimensioned test pumps on the market are mechanically regulated, the pump performance of the MPP 11 is electronically controlled.

This ensures that the test pressure can be applied easily and precisely, in accordance with DVGW W 400-2: Setting the target pressure and starting the pump. Thanks to the compact size of 44 cm x 40 cm x 52 cm (h x w x d) and a weight of just 31.5 kg, no trolley is required.