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GasTest delta3

  • GasTest delta3

User-friendly and simple measurements in the indoor gas installation in accordance with DVGW-TRGI 2008.

Thanks to our long-standing experience in the field of pressure and leak measurements, we are now offering the third generation of our tried-and-tested measurement technology. The GasTest delta3 has significantly improved options for measurements on indoor gas installations. It also offers the option of service line tests via external pressure sensors.

  • Usability test in accordance with G5952 or Esders express procedure
  • Leak detection via external, digital hand sensor with integrated calibration and vibration alarm
  • Automatic and manual test on controllers and safety valves
  • Leak test with 150 mbar, strength test with 1 bar
  • Pressure measurement up to 25 bar via external sensors
  • Large display with touch function for inputting address data, meter or controller number, etc.
  • Extensive setting options for demand-based adjustment of the device
  • Customer-specific data recording via checkboxes, selection list and text fields
  • Bluetooth function for fast transfer of the measurement data to thermal printers and PC
  • Compact transport cases with integrated gas reservoir and the option of storing accessories
  • Optional thermal printer for quick documentation on-site
  • Optional PC software for documenting and preparing the measured data