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DruckTest memo

DruckTest GaWa EX

Pressure tests are a must for inspecting pipelines. The DruckTest memo offers you excellent technology in a practise-orientated performance. Extra advantages have been incorporated with the new generation of hardware and software.

• Larger display with better readability
• Save data in the flash memory (no loss of data, even if the battery is completely discharged)
• Record up to 1 million measurement values (Pressure and temperature)
• Programme-controlled activation and deactivation of the printer
• Lower energy consumption enables longer usage times
• Up to 30 freely configurable pressure tests to be filed in the device menu.
• The DruckTest memo can be optionally equipped for the connection of external digital pressure sensors, thus considerably expanding its range of application.
• For pressure tests at gas pipes a automatic temperature compensation can be activated
• Each test can consist out of programmable pre test period and a main test period

The electronic pressure sensor enables significantly higher display resolutions as a micrometer pressure gauge or a barograph. Thus, you will also recognise small pressure drops faster and can save valuable time. Your application possibilities will double as the Electronic 2 measurement range is covered in one device.

The DruckTest memo with a measurement range of 25 bar, fulfils its requirements, on the grounds of its high accuracy, in order to carry out pressure tests in the range of 6 bar. In order to get the advantages of a conventional barograph, a printer with a 112mm paper width is integrated into the box, which makes the current pressure trend recognisable in the form of a pressure curve. The illustrated pressure range can be freely selected, e.g. illustration from 5 to 7 bar. The measurement values can be recorded in a timecontrolled manner (e.g. every minute).