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Digital Water Flowmeter DWZ2

Digitaler Wasserzähler DWZ

The Esders DWZ Digital Water Flowmeter allows quick and precise measurement of water flow volumes. It is very easy to operate and complies fully with DVGW Worksheet W 400-2 (national implementation of EN 805). As specified in Worksheet W 400-2 (September 2004), pressure testing of PE 80, PE 100, PE-Xa and PVC-U pressure pipe must be done by the contraction process. This procedure specifies rapid pressure bleed-off from the system over a period of 2 minutes and determination of the resultant volume flow VBL. For a water loss greater than 1 L, the required test resolution is ≤ 0.1 L; for a water loss less than or equal to 1 L, the required resolution is ≤ 0.01 L.

User-Friendly Flow Measurement for Contraction Testing

The operator selects the „bleed-off testing 2 min“ button in the main menu and then the display shown on the right appears on the screen. The display indicates the water flow through the unit to the nearest 0.001 L. Pressing the F1 key resets the value on the screen to zero. Pressing the F2 key starts the measurement when the water bleed-off is started. Along with the bleed-off volume, the DWZ Digital Water Flowmeter also shows the time of the measurement and provides a warning indication “measuring time exceeded” when the specified period of 2 minutes is exceeded.

  • Rugged electronic unit in sturdy aluminium housing with fully protected LCD graphics display
  • Optimized measuring ranges provided by advanced electronics and versatile impulse-signal technology
  • Simple, problem-free operation