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The digital TempTest precision thermometer enables precise temperature measurements with simple handling.
According to worksheet G 469, temperature measurement devices must be used, which can reliably detect temperature changes of 0.05 K. For a temperature range of 273 K to 313 K, the sum error must be smaller than 0.1 K with a temperature drift of 15 K. These requirements are fulfilled by TempTest in conjunction with the temperature probes. Both geothermal probes inserted in the ground next to the line and a contact sensor are available.
TempTest can measure and document temperatures in two ways:

TempLog mode
TempTest remains connected with a temperature probe for the entire duration of the measurement and saves the measured values in the specified saving interval. In this case, several TempTests may be required with the corresponding probes.

MultiLog mode
TempTest is used during the measuring time for reading out the measured values on different temperature probes. For this, the probes are connected successively and the measured values saved. All probes are connected multiple times during a pressure test. After completing the measurement, the measured values are displayed, read out or printed out for all temperature probes. In this case, only one TempTest measuring device is required



  • Robust, splash water protected electronic unit in aluminium housing
  • Optimised use as a datalogger, including in conjunction with multiple temperature probes
  • Easy handling guarantees problem-free use
  • Print-out of all measured data on-site
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