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Item-No. 261220

Gas Detector with vibrating alarm

The VibraGAS enables fast and accurate location of smallest leaks in the gas installation. In addition to the visual and audible signal it provides also a vibration alarm. Without worrying inhabitants the user is drawn to the smallest traces of gas. The vibration increases with the gas concentration. The display does not need to be observed for the location of the leak.

The flexible goose neck with remote sensor
, offers the possibility for an exact examination of pipe sections, fittings and valves. Escaping gas is detected and displayed in very small concentrations.

The use of VibraGAS offers numerous advantages over the use of leak spray. Hemp-sealed connections swell when using leak sprays often they are briefly"tight" again. On hard to reachline partssmallbubbles can beverydifficult to detect. Here, theuseof a mirrorfor detecting therearbubblesis often necessary. TheVibraGASworks"dirt-free" and leaves notracesof wallpaper, walls orfloor materials, such as leakspray. The following operating modes are selectable from the menu:

Building inspection detection of smallest leaks in plumbing lines and connections. In addition to the optical and acoustic signal a vibration alarm is available.  

Settings Custom configuration of the operating parameters such as the measuring unit, automatic switch off or the duty cycle of the backlight to the user‘s requirements.  

Adjustment Sensor sensitivity test and calibration of the device according to DVGW Note G 465-4 by applying test gas and set point adjustment by pressing a button


  • Rugged hand-held instruments with ergonomic aluminum housing
  • Wide range of applications in the gas installation
  • Powerful gas detector with vibration alarm and digital display reading for gas leak detection
  • High contrast LCD display with backlight for an optimal presentation of all measured values
  • Easy replacement of batteries with innovative battery Management
  • Setting the zero point by pressing
  • No need to display observation for leak detection
  • Simple operation with intuitive menu navigation Practical accessories for all applications