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Single Gas

Esders Single Gas

The Single Gas is a reliable and durable single-gas detector (CO, O2 and H2S) with limited lifetime. The warning device is available in a compact and maintenance-free design, to ensure the safety of the user in hard working conditions.

    • Operational life of two years
    • full factory warranty throughout the life of 24 months
    • Measurement of H2S, CO and O2 ensures the safety of the worker
    • reduces training time
    • loud audible alarm, bright visual alarm, vibrating alarm
    • programmable alarm levels and screen presentation
    • 0.1 ppm resolution for real-time display of gas concentration
    • Shelf life up to 12 months before activation
    • Self-test function
    • note for function tests and reminder programmable
    • Event log via IR interface
    • „Bump check“ confirmation identification