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The OLLI is an explosion-proof, multi range measurement device for flammable & toxic gases and oxygen.

The device comes either in a diffusion version or equipped with an internal pump. The well-known and easy-to-use operating concept with a menu navigation driven by two function keys and a ENTER button has been enlarged by an ESC/return button to cancel and action or return to the main menu.

  • Versatile gas measurement device in ergonomic & extremely rugged synthetic housing
  • Multiple device configurations with different sensors for various applications possible
  • Extremely long operating time (depending on device configuration & application up to 50h)
  • High contrast LCD graphic display with backlight for optimal display of all measured values
  • Cutting-edge filter technology
  • Optional Bluetooth technology for easy data transfer
  • Bump Test station for quick function tests on-site*
  • Simple and easy operation with intuitive menu navigation
  • Practical accessories for all applications
  • IP67 protection code



Symbole OLLI