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Detect - Warn - Measure - Analyse 

Use in a troubleshooting service

The GOLIATH is perfectly suited for use in a troubleshooting service. In addition to the typical application of a reported odour of gas, a large proportion of uses are based on the statement ‘no gas present’. In such case, the fitter will have to determine the cause and has been informed of the pressure measurement in the gas installation. The GOLIATH is perfectly suited to this task as well, with its measurement range of 0 to 2,000 hPa (optional pressure sensor). 

Measuring carbon monoxide concentrations in addition to monitoring flammable gases is a time-tested practice at many gas supply companies. For this reason, the ‘Building inspection’ application also indicates the CO concentration and triggers an alarm if it exceeds 10 ppm. This keeps the operator informed of potential problems with the exhaust gas routing.   

  • Time-tested Esders operation concept.
  • Very quick initial break-in phase after being switching on or changing application.
  • Extremely short reaction times when measuring CH4 and CO2 in all concentrations.
  • Oxygen and up to 3 toxic gas sensors are available as an option.
  • Ethane analysis with automatic measurement result assessment can be integrated.
  • Optional pressure measuring up to 2,000 hPa.