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Robust Gas instrument for the specific use in biogas, landfill and sewage gas.

With the proven ESDERS operation philosophy
In the field of biogas, landfill gas and sewage gas production the observation and check of the gas composition, and the inspection of the facilities for unexpected gas leaks are an inherent part of work processes. The GOLIATH is ready for use after a short run time and offers clear and very fast results. The used infrared sensor technology shows the concentrations for methane and carbon dioxide in a reaction time less than 10 seconds. The rugged, shockproof device is easy to use. All measured values can be read in the clear, backlit display and can be saved as needed.

Leak detection of methane and carbon dioxide
The GOLIATH biogas offers another menu item „leak detection“. This will provide an additional field of application for the detection of leaks at all biogas containing parts of the plant.


  • Use of infrared sensors for CH4 and CO2 guarantee fast run-in period and extremely short response times and exclude cross-sensitivities to other gases.
  • An oxygen and a hydrogen sulphide sensor are offered as an option.
  • The measurement range for H2S is 0 to 2,000 ppm and cover the requirement for measurements at biogas plants ideal.