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Service GasCam



Detect leaks – save money

The GasCam is a mobile infrared detection measuring system. It works with high-quality and high-detection components. Gas leaks are detected in real time, even from distances of up to 200 m, and a coloured, moving image of the leaking methane cloud is displayed. As a highly specialised system for the detection of methane, it is perfectly suitable for above-ground leakage testing of biogas and natural gas plants. This not only enables the localisation of leaks, but also the immediate estimation of their magnitude.

By using the GasCam, you not only save money, but also protect the environment in a sustainable way. Unintentional gas leaks from a biogas plant have a very negative impact on the emissions balance, as methane is 25 times more climate-relevant than carbon dioxide.

Measures can thus be carried out immediately and precisely. The large-area inspection also reliably displays short-term and only sporadically occurring gas leaks. Even leaks that are not in the direct field of vision can be detected if their gas clouds drift through the image. Only this visual representation of gas enables correct assessment.

Our explosion-proof measuring devices are used to determine the exact concentration of the gas leaks previously localised with the GasCam. Our specialised employees take all measurements for you and give you security and certainty. You will receive detailed documentation that includes videos of the existing gas emissions, as well as reference measurements of the concentrations that occurred.

If you have any questions concerning our GasCam Service, please contact Mr. Kersten Burke ,

You can find more information on remote gas detection with our GasCam here.


    For who does it pay off:
  • Biogas plant operators
    By checking the biogas plant with the GasCam, methane leaks can be localised promptly and thus leaks can be sealed as quickly as possible and yield loss prevented.
  • Biogas plant manufacturers
    The manufacturers of biogas plants can check the tightness before handing over the plant and thus set a high standard in quality assurance.
  • Authorities
    Authorities can use our GasCam Service to carry out a qualified inspection in accordance with the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG) as part of the approval procedure.
    When does it pay off:
  • When accepting a new or repaired system
  • Before expiry of the warranty period
  • If gas leakage is suspected due to odour emissions
  • In case of differences between substrate input and gas yield

Technical data

Spectral range LWIR
Detection limit for Methane (NECL, typical) < 50 ppm x m
Noise equivalent temperature difference (NETD) in high performance mode 12 mK typical
Visualisation Overlay of gas image on infrared image
Image rate > 5 Hz
Image format (pixels) 384 x 288 max. (192 x 144, high performance mode)
Focal length 25 mm
Field of view
(in gas detection mode)
360 mrad x 280 mrad (180 mrad x 140 mrad)
GPS Internal
Focus Motorised
Operating temperature -10 °C to 40 °C
Power supply Li-ion Battery
(excluding PC)
< 30 W
Autonomy with compact battery (included) approx. 3 h
Autonomy with high-capacity battery (opt.) > 5 h
(incl. battery, approx.)
ca. 220 x 120 x 310 mm3
(without PC and battery, approx.)
3,8 kg, including battery 4,6 kg
Control and display Ruggedised notebook PC with outdoor readable display
Additional documentation of scene (opt.) Digital photo camera incl. wireless data transfer to notebook PC
Data recorded All images of IR videos, calibration data, position, photos (opt.), user notes. Complete re-analysis possible
Reporting Reporting function for documentation of complete measurement included in software. Report includes all relevant measurement data (gas images, position, time, user-defined experiment description). Direct printing of report possible
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