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Mobile Gas Flare S



We have developed the Mobile Gas Flare S especially for the low and medium pressure range.

It is a cost-effective and compact solution which is solely used for gas flaring applications. The device is ready for use in a few minutes and is thus a suitable measure to avoid large venting and purging emissions even in the area of service lines. Especially in the case of service lines, the volumes to be saved from a single service line are small, but as soon as these small quantities of such a measure are added up over many applications, e.g. in an annual balance, a considerable emission avoidance potential is created. With the help of the Mobile Gas Flare S, a significant contribution to the reduction of methane emissions in gas distribution networks can be achieved during the commissioning of service lines by using low investment costs and low labour costs per measure.
An integrated (continuous) ignition guarantees stable combustion and also ensures sufficient occupational safety, as no personnel have to go near the escaping gas to ignite the flame. The working range of the gas flare is limited to a maximum of 1 bar, as factors such as flame pattern, sound level and stable combustion would no longer be optimal at higher pressures. However, the inlet pressure may be up to approx. 10 bar and is then limited to a maximum of 1 bar by the connection accessories supplied with the gas flare. This means that the Mobile Gas Flare S can also be used in high-pressure range.

Flaring not only contributes to environmental protection by reduction of greenhouse gases, but also to occupational safety. With our Mobile Gas Flare S, we make a further contribution to climate-neutral distribution grid operation and provide technical solutions for climate protection and occupational safety.



  • Compact and quickly ready for use
  • Suitable for service lines and small volumes in low- and medium-pressure applications
  • Clean, low-pollution combustion
  • H2-ready
  • Integrated flame arrestor for safe operation
  • Piezo igniter for automatic and safe flame ignition
  • Can be combined with other measures to reduce methane emissions, e.g. flaring of residual gas volumes after usage of mobile compressors
  • Pressure limitation to 1 bar: defined, safe working range
  • High-quality workmanship, mainly stainless steel and brass
  • Complete with connection accessories available in a case, consisting of: Hoses, connection unit with ball valve, pressure gauge and connections for concentration and pressure measurement as well as various adapters.

Flaring Times

In order to be able to better estimate the time required for decommissioning, we have given estimated flaring times for the Mobile Gas Flare S in the table below. The values in the table indicate the estimated duration in minutes that is required at least to flare gas in a pipe with the given pipe volume (given in cubic metres) at a certain starting pressure (given in bar) up to a final pressure of 50 mbar. If a further pressure reduction is required, the duration is extended accordingly.

Example: Start pressure 1 bar, total pipe volume 2 m3
Final pressure 50 mbar
Expected duration: min. 30 minutes


Technical data

Max. volume flow approx. 8 Nm3/h at 1 bar
Max. pressure flare inlet 1 bar
Max. pressure accesory 10 bar
Flare ignition-type piezo spark igniter with manual or permanent ignition
Power supply piezo igniter battery-powered, 1x battery Mignon AA
Max. ignition duration max. 8 h permanent ignition per AA-battery
Flaring approved for gases of explosion group natural gas, propane, hydrogen
Flame arrestor approved for explosion groups IIA, IIA1, IIB, IIC
Dimensions height 685 mm, diameter set-up area 490 mm
Weight 2.850 g
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