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In conjunction with a vehicle of the client’s choice, the EGC (Esders GasCar) system unit can operate as a high-performance gas detection vehicle. EGC Sampling unit. The EGC sampling unit‘s bell probe system is mounted to the front of the vehicle and consists of a two-part stainless steel intake bar with a total of 8 bell probes. Additionally to the bell probes there are tube probes included which offer advantages at bad road conditions.

Each probe is mounted using a quick coupler and is equipped with an effective dust filter. The quick coupler enables each sensor unit to be exchanged or cleaned very quickly. A high-performance pump conveys the gas sample to the sensor unit. The pump’s power output is documented and monitored and the user is informed of any drops in its output. The pump’s power output is regulated depending on the vehicle’s driving speed and the gas sample is taken in optimally without needlessly diluting the leakage gas with the ambient air. A partial flow is siphoned off from this gas sample and fed to the sensor unit via a hydrophobic filter.
Gas Car Einsatz
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  • Selective measurement of Methane, no cross sensitivity on diesel or gasoline engine exhaust, LPG, propane, butane and other hydro carbons as occur in oil or gasoline laugh
  • High accuracy in a wide measurement range of 1 to more than 40.000 ppm
  • No adjustment of the sensor system is necessary due to the long time stability and accuracy of the laser sensor
  • Very fast reaction time of 2 to 3 seconds; reading after the gas was sucked into the suction bar
  • Automatic cleaning of the suction system by air purging with compressed air
  • Automatic functional system test controlled by the control unit

Technical data

Visualisation and operationWindows tablet or laptop
Power supply12 Volt DC
Detectable gasesOnly Methane, CH4
Measurement range 0 bis > 40.000 ppm with high accuracy
Cross sensitivityNo known cross sensitivity
Sampling pumpAutomatic adjusted flow amount between 700 and 1,600 l/hour
Weight12 kg without display unit
Dimensions370 mm x 290 mm x 500 mm (B x H x T)
Data interfaceUSB
Operating temperatureOutside car: -20 to +50°C, Inside car: 0 to +50°C
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