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Gas Standpipe



Standpipe for the professional pressure testing and for filling and emptying gas pipelines.

  • Practical system with wide application
  • Easy adaptation to many thread sizes, drilling saddles and fittings –directly or via electrically conductive tube
  • Rapid extraction of gas by using the Venturi nozzle
  • Flame arrestor for burning off the gas safely

Speed measurement
For our testing standpipe we offer the possibility to measure the speed when purging or evacuating gas conduits.
The gas testing standpipe is a proven tool in the gas supply field that is used to test pressure, as well as for the filling and commissioning of gas lines. The recommendation of the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water (DVGW) is to fill the lines with a speed between 3 and 7 m/s in the pipe applies for the purging of the line. We now offer a practice-oriented solution for this task. A measuring tube equipped with an inner Pitot tube is used and connected with the GOLIATH gas measurement device for the evaluation.

The GOLIATH Option v is equipped with a differential pressure sensor with which the static and dynamic pressure in the Pitot tube is determined. The user, prompted by the menu, enters the diameter of the main pipe and its length. The speed in the main pipe, the estimated time required for the purging and the elapsed filling time, as well as the gas concentration then appear in the GOLIATH display.

Our solution thus meets all requirements in keeping with the DVGW rules.

Gas standpipe
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