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Professional Gas Leak Detector



Connects to outdoor and tablet computers to display measurement results and allow gas detector adjustment:

  • Tablet PC makes gas detector operation simple and intuitive
  • Above-ground gas detection with sensitivity in the ppm range
  • Bluetooth data interfaces
  • Gas detection probes for all types of surfaces
  • G 465-4-compliant device technology
  • GPS positioning data to within 50 cm accuracy, even in highly developed areas
  • GPS SBAS, RTX, VRS correction data connections
  • carrying system for special customer needs
  • Usable with different Esders measuring equipment

Our dream team

The number of leaks in our pipeline network has decreased significantly over the last decades. As a result, the requirements for measurement technology for the systematic inspection of gas pipe networks in Germany have changed. This makes effective pre-location during systematic pipe network inspection all the more important.
For the pre-location of the networks we recommend our specialised device HUNTER , which is optimally and exclusively designed for this task. With the highest sensitivity, long operating time, appropriate weight and Bluetooth for easy coupling with the tablet, it meets all the demands of today.

For pinpointing, the combination with our explosion-protected gas warning and gas measuring device OLLI is the best choice due to the changed situation. The OLLI can be used both as a warning device when entering cavities or structures and for measuring methane up to 100 vol.% by infrared. The IR sensor also fulfils the requirements for CO2 measurement according to G 465-4. Due to its low weight of approx. 400 g, it can easily be kept on hand at all times.

The universal device, a combination of the capabilities of the OLLI and HUNTER, is our explosion-proof gas measuring device GOLIATH. In many gas supply companies, it has proved its worth not only for monitoring the room air for combustible gases, but also for detecting carbon monoxide concentrations.

More information on DVGW worksheet G 465-4 can be found here.

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