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The Laser HUNTER is a highly sensitive and selective gas detection device for the systematic pipe network inspection of buried gas pipelines. Due to the innovative laser technology, cross-influences caused by humidity or exhaust gases are excluded. The laser module is available in two variants. In the dual version, the sensor can be used for a quick and uncomplicated differentiation between natural gas or digester gas (ethane analysis) to avoid time-consuming and costly pinpointing in the case of digester gas. If desired, the device can be equipped with additional sensor technology to enable further applications in the course of pipe network inspections. So you have everything in one device!



  • Innovative laser technology as single laser (CH4) or dual laser (CH4 & C2H6)
  • Reliable measurement of smallest gas concentrations, no cross-influences due to humidity or exhaust gases
  • Selective measurement of methane and ethane for rapid differentiation between natural gas and digester gas
  • Individual configuration of the sensor technology enables different areas of application
  • Functions and menu according to DVGW worksheet G 465-4
  • Fast and uncomplicated display test
  • Operating time of at least 10 hours for an intensive working day
  • Bluetooth technology for simple and fast data transmission
  • Connection to Esders Pi NOTE (GIS software) available for complete documentation

Modular System

In the field of pre-location, the Laser HUNTER can be used as the core of our Modular System.

There are a total of four different options for the above-ground inspection of buried gas pipelines.
Via the classic pipe network inspection with carpet or bell probe, it is possible to measure gas concentrations almost everywhere.
By e-scooter, the Laser HUNTER can be used somewhat more quickly, even in small, narrow streets.
While the Laser HUNTER checks gas pipelines on large-area roads with a car in accordance with DVGW G 465-1, it can even be used on rough terrain with a quad bike.

The simple connection to our GIS software, the new Esders Pi NOTE, also provides you with a complete documentation and overview of your pipeline data.


Technical Data

Display LCD graphic display 128 x 64 Pixel, illuminable
Display of measured value, maximum value and bar graph
Power supply Lithium-Ionen 7,2 V 6.700 mAh
Charging Charging cradle supplied by 12 Volt or 230 Volt
approx. 5 hours
Operating time > 10 hours (without backlight)
Operating temperature 0 °C to +40 °C
Data Store > 2.000.000 measurement values (depending on the duration of the measurement)
Protection category IP 52
Dimensions 230 x 115 x 85 mm without couplings
Weight ca. 2.100 g
Measurement principle Laser
Measurement range 0 to 1.000 ppm CH4, Resolution: up to 0,5 ppm
0,1 to 2,2 Vol.% CH4, Resolution: 0,01 Vol.%
0 to 1.000 ppm C2H6, Resolution: 5 ppm
Pumping capacity > 80 l/h, > 300 mbar

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