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16.07.2015 06:00

Rezertifizierung Qualitätsmanagement DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and ATEX RL 94/9 EG

“It’s almost impossible, that errors occur in your company.” This statement summed up Dr. Franz Eickhoff, lead auditor of DEKRA EXAM GmbH.

Two days the company has been audited in systematic development, production, sales and maintenance of the measuring instruments. The DIN EN ISO 9001 management system has become international a widespread standard for the organisation of industrial enterprises. As a manufacturer of explosion-proof measuring instruments the Esders GmbH is obliged to comply with additional standards for the European Directive ATEX 94/9 EG.

Since 2003 the company is certified. In 2014 the subsidiary Esders B.V. has been included in the certification. „Our quality has also in the Netherlands a very good reputation. We benefit ernormously from the good organization in Germany. Therefore it was easy to introduce the management system even in Tilburg.“ as Rob Tukker, Managing Director of Esders B.V. in Tilburg, quotes. Although the processes in the Netherlands are different from the company in Germany, so the certification preparation has shown some potential for improvement.

The managements of Haselünne and Tilburg thank the responsible employees Rainer Schnieders and Detlev Neumann as quality manager for the successful implementation of the recertification as well as all employees who stand with their commitment for the good quality of the products and company.